The head of a male student, still alive, trapped under debris is pictured at the scene of the church school that collapsed on the outskirts of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince, November 7, 2008.


A man weeps as he flips through a family album he found in the rubble of his old house following the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.


Child laborers in Bangladesh. Many of these children are engaged in various hazardous occupations in factories.


This father with his child in this image had been collecting food after the earthquake in Pakistan. People were still coming down from the mountains trying to find shelter and were suffering from trauma.


A memorial in Union Square, New York City. September 15, 2001.





On Wall street in New York, a man holds a sign stating ” We Buy Gold”, as gold price has increased due to the financial crisis and economic melt-down in 2008.





A child laborer in Cairo, Egypt, stares off camera with eyes full of sadness.




This image, taken December 4, 1984 shows victims who lost their sight in the Bhopal poison gas tragedy as they sit outside the factory in Bhopal, India.




Unknown origin, but I think we all can identify with this sentiment.





Child takes shelter with his mother before the cyclone hit. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.




A Bangladeshi woman holds her child, blackened by carbon dust. His nose bleeds due to infections caused by exposure to dust and pollution during play in the workshop in Korar Ghat by on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Women often bring their children along so they can look after them while working.






A Malawian boy running after a 4×4.




Tibetans believe a pilgrimage to Lhasa once in their life is of exalted purpose and moral significance. Therefore, we see people like this, on their journey of faith, which can be thousands of miles long, kowtowing every few steps.





Rioters take to the streets in Toulouse, France (March 25th, 2007) after the campaign of a politician.






This image of Iguazu falls in Brazil is incredibly powerful and showcases it’s sheer enormity.




Men put in hard work and shine shoes on the streets of Hong Kong.




Unkown origin, but clearly this woman is going through something.





In this picture, Lurlena cries in the back of the family car after losing the contest for Carnival Princess at her school. She spent the day getting ready, with a new white dress and new shoes. The winner was decided based on whose parents bought the most tickets, and Lurlena’s family could only afford eight dollars worth.



A young girl suspends her activity and balances a candy cigarette in her hand, appearing to be the innocent miniature of a blonde and gangling twenty-something beauty.




AHutu man was mutilated by the Hutu ‘Interahamwe’ militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels.  World Press Photo of the Year: 1994 James Nachtwey, USA, Magnum Photos for Time. Rwanda, June 1994.